Blues City Music is a NEW Mezzabarba Custom Amplification dealer !!!

Hello from Memphis.

We are proud to announce that Blues City Music is now a proud Mezzabarba Custom Amplification dealer.  These amps are hand made in Italy, just northwest of Rome, and are the #1 amp in that country today.  Huge reaction at Winter NAMM in Los Angeles, California this past January as well. 

These amps WILL NOT be sold by big box stores.  They are very proud of the boutique dealer network they are building.  We are now the 4th dealer in the USA.

All amps are made in Italy then shipped to the distributor in Los Angeles, California.  They have many amps in stock there but if not, they can have them within 20-30 days. 

All amps use TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) EL34's.  Great tubes and powerful sounding. 

We will stock the flagship 100 watt MZERO Overdrive and a matching Celestion Vintage 30 4x12" cabinet and a 30 watt Skill head and a matching Celestion Greenback Crusier 2x12" cabinet as well. 

You gotta check this amp line out.  We can't wait to have them in the shop.

Give us a call, email, text, or message so we can get yours asap.

Keep rocking.

Lynn Burke

BCM - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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Jeff Milani
Jeff Milani

December 30, 2020

Talk soon

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