New Products at Blues City Music !!!

Hello from Blues City Music.

We are starting 2018 with some really cool products for sale at BCM. 

How about some really nice, Washburn made, Oscar-Schmidt Ukelele's?  You can have tenor of Baritone size and with a gig bag or really cool hard shell case.  All kinds of different type woods to choose from.

We now have ALL of Diezel Amplification's pedals in stock.  All 3 types of FSL foot switch pedals for Herbert, DMoll, Hagen, and Paul.  VH4-2 pedal plus the legendary Zerrer pedal.  How about a rear loaded Diezel 2x12" cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers?

Next up is the Friedman Amplification Runt - 20 1x12" combo and Matchless Lightning 1x12" combo with reverb.  Yeah, analog reverb, the real deal. 

As always , customer service is paramount here at BCM.  I already own everything in the shop out right and fly for FedEx as a 777 Captain/Check Airman for my primary job, so I only sell the finest products known to man, and what YOU need, not what I NEED to sell.

Your tone is what counts.  Come see us and experience the best products and customer service you'll ever encounter.

Now, Turn It Up.

Lynn Burke

BCM - Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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