Current list of available Soldano Custom Amplication products

Hello from Blues City Music, LLC.

We are sold out of everything we can possibly sell at Soldano.  What you see below is a list of available items that we have in the shop that are available for purchase as of 15 Sept 2018


Avenger 100 head (no loop)

Hot Rod Avenger 50 (with loop)

Hot Rod Avenger 100 (with loop)

*** We have multiple original Soldano head shells available in red, black, black croc, and purple  to fit all of the above Avenger amps***

Astroverb head

BCM 44 1x12" combo (multiple choices with speakers, reverb tank and speaker harnesses, output tubes)


4x12" straight front cabinet, purple tolex, nickel hardware

4x12" slant front cabinet, black and white snakeskin tolex, nickel hardware


Various Studio Slips covers for the Astroverb 1x12" combo or the BCM 44 1x12" combo


Give us a call, email, or text if you have any questions, or you could just buy any of the above right here.



Lynn Burke

BCM Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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