Sales of Soldano Custom Amplification amps

Hello from Memphis.

It's getting really busy with the Soldano sales right now.

Today I listed a red and black Hot Rod 25 head for $2,999.00 and it sold in 4 hours.  I also sold another Hot Rod 100+ chassis built as a Hot Rod 50+ amp, and serial #002 Blues City Music 44 1x12" combo amp.  Will probably be as busy for the next few weeks.  I still have 5 SLO's to sell, 4 Avengers, 2 44 BCM combos, 1 Hot Rod 100+, 1 Lucky 13 50 watt head, and a host of cabinets and head shells.  Stay on top of what is going on via this blog or my Blues City Music Face Book page and/or the Soldano Amp owners group on Face Book as well.


Lynn Burke / BCM Owner

James L. Burke III
James L. Burke III


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